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Is A Vegan Diet Right For Me?

This is a whole new concept to me and not to mention scary. It’s only scary because I’ve never done anything quite like it before. I’ve done a lot of research on vegan diets and so far have not read or heard any cons, all pros – which means, I really have no reason NOT to do it!

Why am I considering this you might ask? It’s not for any religious or animal rights reason, it’s simply a personal choice to be healthy – our bodies do not naturally digest animal products very well and many of us are actually lactose intolerant but don’t even know it! (And yes, I want to lose weight too).

I’m starting a 30 day trial on August 1st – I’ll be cutting all animal products out of my diet completely and I’ll be doing it cold turkey. I decided to do it cold turkey because I read on many blogs that it is easiest to do it that way. I don’t think there will be any side effects or “withdrawl” symptoms, not like when I did the no carb, no sugar diet. And I’m honestly excited (and scared) but mostly excited. I think the results will be better than what I’m expecting and most likely, this is something I will stick with for a very long time and even maybe the rest of my life. We’ll have to see at the end of the 30 days!

Anyways, I’ll be documenting the 30 day trial here and I’ll try to update everyday!


11 thoughts on “Is A Vegan Diet Right For Me?

    1. I’m jumping from Carnivore Carnival into Vegan Veg-out! I’m actually pretty excited, I’ve been browsing lots of Vegan blogs and recipes and things like that. I think I will also stay away from soy and tofu though, just for personal taste preferences and I haven’t heard a lot of great things about soy lately. But we’ll see! Any advice for me?


  1. Very cool! I’m excited to follow your journey. I’ve hit a bit of a plateau myself – perhaps vegan is the next step. I sure do love meat, tho. If no soy or tofu, what are your goto protein sources?


      1. Don’t forget the lowly nut! Nuts pack big protein in little packages! šŸ™‚ And if you haven’t tried quinoa, do! I believe quinoa and amaranth contain the most protein of any grains.


      2. I love nuts, so I usually snack on those and I have been wanting to try some quinoa because I’ve heard all good things about it, so I’ll get some on my next trip to the store.


  2. I’m vegan, and it’s really not that hard; at least, it wasn’t for me. A quick Google search will bring up links of how to “veganize” almost anything you can imagine! I like the veg cookbooks Veganomicon and Vegan on the Cheap. At first, you might be tempted to pull out all the stops every meal and get all fancy, or you might start to rely a lot on veg convenience foods. Here are some of my favorite veg things:

    Veg blogs (get those in your Google reader stat- they are so inspiring!)
    Seitan (Ok, this is my husband’s favorite!)
    Nutritional yeast
    A less germy kitchen! It’s awesome not to worry as much about contamination!
    Indian food
    Whole grains

    Good luck!


  3. I can understand not being super thrilled about Tofu. I don’t eat it much myself, but tempeh is an entirely different soybean experience and one I’m very happy to incorporate into my diet.

    I’m not sure where you’re living at, but if you can get your hands on some fresh tempeh – it’s amazing!

    I particularly recommend making Buffalo style tempeh! Mm mm mm


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