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New Beginnings

I love new beginnings simply because it means we can start over, try again or just move the heck on!

This diet is a new beginning for me and it’s a good one. I’ve been looking for something that can be more of a lifestyle change and not just a diet. I tried eating less calories and yes that worked for a short time, I tried eating no carbs and no sugar and while the weight fell off, it’s not a very realistic change for life, at least not for me. It was a good temporary “fix.”

Following a vegan diet is something that I’ve thought about doing before but I guess I wasn’t really ready or serious enough to get it started. Someone mentioned to me that it’s something you really truly have to be ready for and I can agree with that 100%.

My original plan was to do a 30 day trial starting August 1st, but I have actually been really excited about it and decided to start incorporating at least one or two vegan meals a day and then going at it full force on August 1st, so I wanted to share my experiences so far.

Last night I made a simple salad of lettuce, zucchini, corn, olives, tomatoes, avocado, flax seed oil and a Greek vinaigrette.

It was delicious! Full of flavor and I felt very light and satisfied after eating it. Normally I would add some kind of cheese and creamy dressing to my salads and then I’d feel so full and bloated afterward, which to me is an obvious sign that my body doesn’t handle dairy very well.

Today, I started my day with a wheat bagel thin with peanut butter and raspberry hot tea. I’m also trying to kick my caffeine habit, so that meant no coffee this morning AND I couldn’t have it anyways because I don’t like to drink coffee black and I don’t like dairy free creamers so I figured giving it up altogether isn’t a bad idea and it’s also something I’ve been wanting to do for quite some time.

And soda, well it’s just bad for you so no more for me!

For lunch, I had a veggie sandwich which consisted of multi-grain bread, hummus, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, avocado and sprouts. I toasted the bread for a little extra flavor and it was also very good and satisfying.

A quick little tip, if you check the ingredients label, it will tell you the allergens and that way it’s easy to spot if there is any dairy in a product that you are unsure about.

For dinner I plan on making a pineapple, strawberry, banana smoothie with almond milk and flax seed oil and maybe snacking on some carrots or cucumbers if I still feel hungry.

Overall, I felt pretty good all day, my brain is in a bit of a fog and it’s throbbing but that is the caffeine withdrawals I’m sure!


4 thoughts on “New Beginnings

  1. Good luck! Most vegans that I know have had to switch back to vegetarian (or even all the way to fish and other meat) after a few years, tops, because of deficiencies. Just be careful that you don’t restrict too much, and that you keep an eye on things – I’m sure that, if you’ve decided it’s for you, it can be. Great start!


  2. I am so proud of you, Amanda, for making yourself health aware! I am totally loving following your journey.

    One of the best things about trying a vegan (or vegetarian) diet, I think, is that we learn about so many other foods and our daily diet begins to include a rainbow of products where before we might have just eaten the same old, same old for the rest of our life. Even if you find after a month that totally vegan is not for you, your lifestyle will have changed forever. And a lifestyle change like this is always good!

    We were vegan for a year until I got pregnant, and I absolutely could not do pregnancy without the strong and easy protein dairy and meat provided. Some women can do it, but for me I felt the deficiencies almost immediately. And since I’ve been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the last almost eight years now, we’ve never gone back. πŸ™‚

    We are off and on vegetarians, though, and even then we do very little dairy. It’s mostly eggs that I find we need to round out our diet. Eggs make a world of difference.

    Now with David needing heartier foods to garner strength for his uber-strenuous job, we eat meat a few times a week. But I’m super picky about the types of meat and how it’s raised and whatnot, so we can only afford a little! All that to say, I count myself blessed to have lived in a vegan and vegetarian culture for so many years, because that culture finds its way into our table on a daily basis. We eat a rainbow of foods, all colors shapes and sizes, the kids are fantastic eaters who adore veggies and will eat fruit till their eyeballs fall out. I have loved discovering a large variety of grains, and making sure we don’t fall into a wheat rut. Food is such a fun journey! Love you, Cuz! I’m adoring this blog of yours. πŸ™‚


    1. You are totally right about discovering so many new foods and combinations. I actually find that I can cook vegan food better than not-vegan food! So far, I’m loving it! And I feel really good!


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