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I’m jumping back on the vegan bandwagon! (And a wedding photo!)

Hey guys, it’s seriously been forever! Since I’ve been here last, I’ve gotten married, settled into my new home and new job, and I’ve been busy spending time with my husband working on getting our computer repair business off the ground. It’s been busy times, but good times!

I’ve done a lot of different diets during my life and some helped me drop weight fast and some didn’t work at all.

I lost the most weight doing a low carb/no carb diet, but I also didn’t feel healthy. I am aware now, that a diet like that is not necessarily a “healthy” diet. And I will not be doing that diet anymore.

I felt the most healthy when I was following a vegan diet, it also showed on my outward appearance, and by that I mean my skin was AMAZING! Glowing and flawless. It’s never been that good in my entire life! I also felt better overall.

So tonight, my husband and I have made the choice to follow a vegan diet which is perfect timing because tomorrow is grocery shopping day and I get to shop at my favorite grocery store again! I’m a sucker for Trader Joe’s, what can I say? They’re small but have the best prices! I’ve also discovered a new grocery store – Chuck’s Produce. I like to compare them to Whole Foods (even though there isn’t much comparison). They carry name brand and non-organic items in addition to organic items. They have a HUGE selection of fresh veggies and fruits, and also an area to buy rice, beans, flour, sugar, cereal, and almost anything else you want, in bulk. They also have amazing prices (on most things).

And they have my favorite – carrot cake. BUT, it gets better…….the carrot cake is VEGAN and probably the most amazing cake I’ve ever tasted.

I believe that there is only one Chuck’s location and it’s near me which makes me sad for all of you.

Anyways, it’s really late at night and I’m tired so I’m getting off of here and I’ll be back after making our vegan meal. I’m happy to go back to eating vegan, I’m pretty excited actually!

Here is picture from our wedding:

PS – Please send my your favorite vegan recipes!


4 thoughts on “I’m jumping back on the vegan bandwagon! (And a wedding photo!)

  1. Dang you don’t mess around, do you? You got engaged at the end of September, plus you moved then too, right? So you moved, got married, celebrated Holidays in there and everything?


    Congrats to you. You look lovely in the picture. And I just realized there is a tree in the background (I think) so you got married during the Holidays? Good luck to you two both going forward as husband and wife and as vegans.


    1. Hey! Yeah, it has been a crazy few months! We moved across country and got engaged and celebrated both our birthdays during the same month, then planned a wedding in just a few months and got married in Decemeber. But I loved it, and it wasn’t as stressful as one might think. πŸ™‚


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