Tomato Basil “Cream” Pasta & Some Chocolate

This was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten! I love pasta, and I especially love creamy, bad-for-you, pasta sauces. But this sauce was not bad for you but still so creamy! I’ll show you the picture first, then tell you more about it. The picture isn’t too pretty, I was to hungry to make it look pretty…

The creaminess in the sauce comes from raw cashews. I was surprised, I thought it would come out chunky or gritty, but it was velvety smooth and delicious and I can’t stop talking about it! I doubled the recipe and froze half so hopefully the frozen sauce will come out okay! I did not come up with the recipe all on my own, I used this one for a base and made my own changes to it. I added extra cashews and I also added tomato sauce instead of tomato paste. I added diced onion, extra garlic and some nutritional yeast. I’ll definitely make it again!

I tend to want to bake on the weekends, so this last weekend, I made vegan double chocolate banana swirl bread! I made it extra chocolatey by adding chocolate chips and extra cocoa powder. It’s so good!

I’m hoping to make Creamy Vegan Broccoli and Rice Casserole and Paella Style Spiced Tomato Rice soon!


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