What to do with an Atkins Shake?

Make a delicious coffee drink out of it!

I don’t know if many of you use the Atkins products? I use the bars and shakes just about everyday. I don’t like the shakes to much because to me they have an interesting aftertaste and that bothered me. But I recently discovered that adding coffee to the shake actually makes it taste really delicious! I was at work on my lunch break (I work at Starbucks) and had my boring chocolate flavored shake and decided to experiment. I added two decaf shots to a cup of ice and poured my chocolate flavored shake into the cup with the shots, it was so good! It tasted like an iced mocha!

So then I decided to try it at home since I have so many Via packets (instant coffee). All I do is get a big cup, add the Via in with about two inches of cold water and mix it up to make sure it’s dissolved, then add in a vanilla or chocolate shake (or any one that you want) and mix together and add ice!

It’s perfect for breakfast or lunch or just a snack and it changes the shake’s flavor drastically! It still has a slight aftertaste but it’s not bad.

This is my new favorite thing!


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