Sauteed Veggies and a Plateau – HELP!

This was dinner last night – sausage, cooked onions, green pepper, spinach and zucchini, with a low carb cheese quesadilla.

I’ve plateaued in my weight this past week, it’s very frustrating. There are a number of reasons why like I started working out and doing some strength training this week and I could be building muscle and burning fat and that’s the reason why the scale hasn’t budged much. Or it’s that time of the month, or who knows! Anyways, I read somewhere that drinking lots of green tea throughout the day can help things start up again, so I drank tons yesterday but was disappointed to see the scale the same this morning.

So, does anyone have any tips or suggestions? I’m open to pretty much anything as long as it’s healthy!


4 thoughts on “Sauteed Veggies and a Plateau – HELP!

  1. dukantopia says:

    Maybe try cutting out carbs for the day but continue to eat healthy meals. Everyone has something that works for them. For me personally, it’s eating veryyy low-carbs.

    Perhaps your body has adjusted to your current way of eating so it’s now just maintaining your current weight. So cutting carbs for a day might be the change you need to get things moving again. Just a suggestion 🙂



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