Changes and a Hot Day!

I’m sitting here directly in front of the fan because it’s currently 90 degrees outside and probably hotter in my non air conditioned house. I’m sipping on iced unsweetened green tea instead of my usual iced coffee or coke zero and it feels good.

I’m trying to transition out coffee and soda, at least for awhile, maybe forever. Or at least save them for really special occasions.

I’m very competitive with myself and I’ve made a big goal, a really big goal. I won’t be disappointed if I don’t make it, but I’m hoping I do. I’ve done it before so I know it’s doable. So I’ve been very strict with myself and I’m already feeling better, health wise. If I make my goal, I will let you know all about it, but it’s sort of a personal goal and I’m not sure that I’m willing to share anything else as personal as my last post.

We’ll see. I’m off to the gym then home to make a big yummy salad. I’m sure I’ll post a picture!


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