Simple Low-Carb Salad

This is something we eat pretty regularly. Especially when it’s hot outside and hotter in our apartment. It’s especially good and satisfying after an intense workout. We eat this a few times a week, you should try it! You have no excuse not too! 😉








Black pepper (love lots of this on my salad!)

Lettuce (Of course!)

Throw it all together and add dressing (low carb) of your choice. I use Ranch for the dressing but I make it myself so I know there is no added sugar or any weird ingredients that I don’t want.

Coming up soon: Zucchini Lasagna Cups!


2 thoughts on “Simple Low-Carb Salad

  1. bootsiesimon says:

    Thanks for commenting on my post. 🙂 This recipe looks great (well, except for the ‘shrooms), I will have to try it. Since I’m going to start low carb, I need ideas. Thanks for sharing!


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