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Coconut Flour Pizza (Low Carb!)

Coconut Flour Pizza Crust (Recipe below pictures)

3 eggs

3 T coconut flour

1 T ground flax

1/2 t baking powder

Italian Seasoning (I just put in a few shakes)

S&P (optional, or to taste)

Mix all ingredients together and spread out onto pizza stone (1/4″ thick) and bake at 400F for about 15-20 minutes or until starting to turn golden in some places.

Remove pizza and top with toppings right away and cook or broil a few minutes to melt the cheese. If not using cheese and toppings are hot then the last step is not required.

For my toppings, I browned some Italian sausage with sliced onions and peppers, then added marinara sauce (thick, not runny). Once pizza crust was done, I spread on the sausage mixture and topped with mozzarella cheese and broiled for a few minutes until the cheese was golden and melted.

Thoughts – This was the best low carb crust I’ve made so far, the texture was good and I could actually pick it up without it falling apart or breaking. I would love to experiment with it some more, different sauces and toppings. I recommend it for sure!




2 thoughts on “Coconut Flour Pizza (Low Carb!)

    1. Not coconuty at all, the cheese in the crust totally covers that and I also added some dried herbs which helped. The only complaint I have is that it was a bit dry but I’m almost positive it’s only because I overcooked the crust.


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