Taco Salad – Easily Customizable!

This is a picture of my lunch today – YUM!

I love salad and anyone who knows me, knows that it’s no secret. You can put whatever you want on them – the possibilities are endless!

This salad in particular is easily customizable. See below the recipe to see just how customizable it is!

This took me maybe 15 minutes to make, probably less but I didn’t set a timer sooooo. And I didn’t measure anything (I usually don’t), but you know how things taste so adjust it to YOUR tastes!

1/8th pound ground beef (80/20) (The 1/8th lb is a guess)

Red pepper flakes

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Chili Powder


1 roma tomato

shredded cheese

Sour cream with some ranch seasoning packet mixed in (just a tiny bit, a little goes a long way!) (If you can, avoid the Hidden Valley brand because it contains MSG)


Once your meat mixture is cooked through and a little browned and crispy, take it off the heat and let it cool a bit. While it’s cooling, chop up a tomato and put some lettuce into a bowl or on a plate or however you prefer to eat it. Put the meat mixture on top of the lettuce then add the tomato and some cheese and top it off with your sour cream ranch! And then eat it and love it!

Here are the customizations:

To make this lower in fat and calories: Sub ground turkey/chicken meat for the ground beef, sub reduced fat or fat free sour cream for full fat sour cream and do the same with the cheese.

To make this vegetarian: Sub pinto beans (or any beans) for the meat. You could even use Tofu or vegetarian/vegan meat.

Additional toppings: Avocado/guacamole, tortilla strips, onion, green onion, salsa, olives, mushrooms, diced peppers, use anything you want!


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