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Giving up sugar and everything sweet

I’ve never really talked about this on my blog before because I guess if I mentioned it, I’d have to do it.

Well, I’m just going to do it, there really isn’t anything to think about. Sugar is bad. Artificial sugar is bad. We all know that.

(I read a great ebook about it which helped me make up my mind – read it here)

Starting tomorrow and going for one month, I’m giving up all sugar and artificial sweeteners. No soda, no fruit, no flavor in my coffee, no more Splenda and no alcohol. And I’m doing it all at once, it’s easier for me. I don’t think it’ll be as difficult because I already don’t eat any refined carbs/sugar. But I’m excited for the extra energy and just feeling better.

So, I’ll post some updates along with my regular blogs!


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