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Sugar Detox – Day 1

Today went much easier than I had expected. I had no cravings, only wants and wishes which are easy to overcome.

I didn’t have any detox “symptoms” but I think those usually come on days 2-4. I’m not really expecting to have a lot of symptoms because I already don’t eat sugar or much carbs.

The only thing I noticed today was that I didn’t have much energy and felt very thirsty all day, but I have occasional days like that so I’m not attributing it to the detox.

I do need to be better prepared though. All I ate today was some almonds, leftover pork, a piece of cheese, coffee with cream and some tea.

I need to find some good snacks to take to work with me and better lunches. The thing with doing a detox is that you have to prepare most things ahead of time.

Overall, it was a pretty great day!


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