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Sugar Detox – Day 2

Today was a little more rough and I think I am either having an allergic reaction to some new tea I had yesterday or they’re just detox symptoms.

Some of these things might be a little TMI for you but I’m going to share them anyway just because I want to make sure I document everything, not just for myself but also for others who are giving this detox a try.

I noticed during the later part of the day yesterday that I started feeling a bit nauseous and had to run to the bathroom a few times, not to throw up but you know, for the other thing. That has continued through today.

I also broke out in a rash last night on my stomach, it just covers a little area and I think it might be hives? But I’m not sure because I’ve never had them before and I’ve never seen them before. But it’s a small area of red, raised bumpy skin that itches and burns a little. I put some rash cream on it and it seems to be a lot better today.

I’ve also had a headache and low energy all day even though I slept great last night!

I know all these can be detox symptoms but I just thought it was a little too soon to get these.

I mentioned at the beginning that it could be an allergic reaction to tea. Well, I drink tea a couple times a week and have never experienced these symptoms, but yesterday I had white tea for the first time ever and actually drank two cups of it. I looked up tea allergies and some of the symptoms I have are the same as the ones mentioned.

So I’m a bit confused – I really don’t know where these things are coming from?


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