Post Whole30 Breakfast!

This is my first real breakfast since finishing the whole30. It was good! I had a sweet Italian sausage with some white potatoes, onion, red pepper and one fried egg on top.


I started with mostly red peppers and a little bit of white potatoes, didn’t want to go overboard. Even before the whole30, I didn’t eat a lot of carbs, even potatoes and carbs were a very rare occurrence at breakfast. I usually just stuck to protein for breakfast. But I wanted to see how my body would react. So far, so good. I don’t think these kinds of carbs really affect me. It’s mostly the gluten and grains that make me super bloated and uncomfortable.

I also enjoyed a delicious soy latte. I know there are lots of controversies surrounding soy, but I think it’s all good in moderation, just like most things!

Maybe later, I’ll have a piece of chocolate. Oh, the possibilities are endless!


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