Paleo Curry Chicken Salad


Since I’ve finished the whole30, I have tried to stick to a paleo way of eating which is pretty similar to the whole30 except for that it allows some natural sweeteners like honey, agave, maple syrup and stuff like that. But I haven’t been strict enough with myself, a piece of toast here and some sugar there, it all catches up. And I’ve been feeling a little bloated and sluggish lately. BUT, I have stayed away from dairy and I’m proud of myself since I seem to have the biggest reactions to dairy. But the sugar and gluten are definitely making me feel pretty crappy.

So, I’m trying to be a little better about all that and eating the foods that I know my body responds positively too and chicken salad is one of those things, it’s so yummy!

I made the one I made today by poaching one very large chicken breast in some water with a little kosher salt, once it was done I let it rest for a few minutes.

Chop it up

Add curry powder to taste (probably about 2 teaspoons is what I added, but I didn’t measure)

Add paleo mayo (I think I added about 1.5 T)

Add dried cranberries or fresh grapes

Add chopped walnuts

I tasted it and thought the mayo tasted a little vinegary so I drizzled in a little agave and it was perfect! I served this over some lettuce and it made the perfect lunch. I’d say it makes about 3 servings or 2 big servings.

It was pretty dang good, but I think pretty much anything with curry is amazing.

One suggestion that would make this even better is to add some chopped up green onion, I didn’t add it because I didn’t have any. This salad is a low carb version of my curry rice salad, check it out!


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