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Life and Sugar Detox UPDATE!

It’s been awhile since my last update, we’ve been SO busy!

My sugar detox is not going that well. It’s not bad but I’d give myself a grade of a B-. Our business keeps us very busy which is a good thing! My husband and I own a business doing computer repair in Vancouver, WA. Well, he does the repairs. I don’t know much about fixing computers!

For the most part, my diet is okay. Except for the occasional chocolate, piece of toast, and sugar in my coffee. I’ve done good at avoiding dairy and sticking with my workouts! I really need to get back on track with my eating and avoiding the foods I have an intolerance for. I broke out in tiny red bumps all over my face and I think what triggered it was exfoliating my face with ground up oats. Oats are one of the foods I have an intolerance for, and why didn’t I think about that before spreading it and rubbing it into my face? I don’t know. I just need to be more aware!

Anyways, here are some of the meals I’ve been eating (and loving!), people always ask what can you eat on a paleo diet so here is the answer!:

Crock pot pulled pork with brussel sprouts, onions and bacon. I cooked my brussel sprouts and onions on a low heat with some of the pork broth until they were cooked through and nice and sweet. Then added the crisp bacon at the end.



Pork meatballs baked with fresh tomatoes served with collard greens, peas and onions 20130220_205848

Fried sweet potatoes with onions and peppers 20130226_091452

A boring but common breakfast of fried eggs and sausage IMG_20130221_090523

I hope to try out some new recipes soon! I just don’t have the time to try out new things right now but hopefully soon! We’ll see.

My goal this week and the weeks to come are to stay on track with my diet and be a little more strict with myself! NO dairy, NO gluten, NO sugar and NO grains! I’ll check in again soon!


5 thoughts on “Life and Sugar Detox UPDATE!

  1. The sugar detox will take forever if you keep on cheating, better just get it over with and after that you’ll be virtually free from sugar cravings πŸ˜‰


  2. I’m kind of curious. What had you doing a sugar detox before (and instead of) a Whole30? When I did a Whole30 I discovered sugar was my biggest issue, so I eliminated all fruit and extended my Whole30 to Whole 90+…up until the holidays. I still feel I haven’t conquered the sugar issue and I am considering starting the Whole30 again very soon.


    1. A sugar detox doesn’t include fruit and the whole30 does. For me to completely get sugar out of my body and for the cravings to completely stop, I have to eliminate all sources of sugar whether they are real or fake. When I did the whole30, it was great because I could have fruit and Larabars (on occasion) so if I was having a sweet craving, I had some fruit and that fixed my craving. My goal with the sugar detox is to get rid of my cravings altogether. Obviously it’s not working because I have no self control and love sugar in my coffee haha! πŸ™‚ I’m currently working on this issue and trying to figure out what is making it so hard to control myself.


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