Whole30 Day 2 and a Giant Brussel Sprout!

I meant to post this last night but I was exhausted from a busy day and a great workout. This is one of the reasons why I love doing the whole30, my workouts are so much better, I have way more energy and endurance than any other time!

First, check this out! Brussel Sprout same size as my palm, I’ve never come across one this big!


Day 2 was great, I still had a little bit of a headache that lasted all day right up until bedtime, it wasn’t as bad as the first day though. More like an annoying light throbbing, I was able to ignore it most of the day.

Yesterday was a little harder though in terms of cravings, I was craving everything that we are not supposed to eat, I was even craving things I don’t usually ever crave! But I stayed strong and didn’t give in πŸ™‚

Breakfast was 2 sausages and some hot tea.

Lunch was some almonds, summer sausage slices and lots of mini bell peppers and some iced green tea.

Dinner was this: (Chicken, bacon, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic and peas)


It was delicious! I ended the night with some peaches and made sure to drink tons of water throughout the day. It was a pretty good day overall!


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