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Whole30 Day 5 – BBQ Ribs

Everything is going good still. I finally found the Larabar I’ve been searching for, COCONUT CREAM PIE! I’ve seen it online and looked everywhere and finally found it at Whole Foods. It was as good as I hoped, definitely going to go back and stock up!


While at Whole Foods, I also picked up some Paleo BBQ sauce (also Whole30 approved) made by Tessemaes.


And with it, I made Whole30 approved BBQ Ribs! They were so good, this BBQ sauce is amazing!


I also picked up some Sunflower Seed Butter, I was looking for Almond Butter but they were all at least $6 and all had sugar added! I was pleasantly surprised by the Sun Butter though, it tastes similar to Peanut Butter, just not as thick. It’s so good and the only ingredients are sunflower seeds and salt! I had some on a banana with raisins, it was delicious!



9 thoughts on “Whole30 Day 5 – BBQ Ribs

  1. Hi fellow health nut! Are you on Day 5 of the whole 30? careful with larabars – all the ones I’ve seen have honey! Good luck and keep it up!! I’m on Day 7 of the 21DSD and it’s finally looking up πŸ™‚


      1. Interesting! Maybe that’s why I’m not eating them – because of the dates. Like I said, I’m doing 21DSD, which is no fruit! So sad – oh how I miss it.


    1. I also love the key lime pie! The only 3 flavors I’ll buy are the coconut cream pie, blueberry muffin and key lime pie. They are my favorites!! I really want to try the carrot cake one but haven’t been able to find it.


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