30 Day Squat Challenge!


I’ve seen the 30 day plank challenge going around and then I saw this – 30 day squat challenge! Since we’ve targeted our core, why not now target our rear end?! I’m sure everyone would love a better looking butt right? This looks hard (for me) because the most squats I’ve ever done at one time is 30, so starting at 50 might be a little tough. But I’m willing to try it out. I think this can be customized pretty easily, just start at whatever number you want – 10, 20, 30, 80 and add 5 the next day or 10 or however many the chart says to add.

I’m starting tonight, who’s doing it with me?!


4 thoughts on “30 Day Squat Challenge!

    1. Haha! It does sound like a lot, I’m gonna try to do 50. Like 25 now and then 25 later. I think all at one time might be a little too much. I think as long as you start at a number that feels comfortable for you, that will be good because you’ll be adding more each day.


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