Whole30 Day 30!

I made it all 30 days and honestly didn’t really notice if the time went slow or fast. I lost a total of 9 pounds and one pant size in 30 days. So, I’m doing this again! Starting May 1st! My aunt and my mom did it with me and we all had awesome results. I had a few things during the 30 days that I shouldn’t have. Like a splash of heavy cream in my iced espresso or a bowl of ice cream with my husband after a long day. But I kept the indulgences to a minimum and I’m happy with the results!

Dinner tonight was a good one! Chicken cooked in garlic infused olive oil and chicken broth with some frozen peas thrown in at the very end served with roasted cauliflower. So good!


From now until May 1st, I don’t plan on going crazy with the sugar or gluten/grains. But I may indulge in some dark chocolate or dairy a couple of times. I really want to be more strict with myself on the next whole30 and see if my results will be much different.

I’ll keep you posted!


One thought on “Whole30 Day 30!

  1. Healthy A-Z says:

    Congratulations on your great results!!

    From my Whole30 experience, I discovered eating grains made my sinuses congested and eating dairy made me have fluid in my ears. Of course, now that I’m visiting Los Angeles and near Pazzo Gelato, my favorite US gelato shop, I had to make a dairy exception…more than once! šŸ™‚


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