Whole30 for a Third Time!


I’m getting ready to start my 3rd whole30 on May 1st. I’ve had so much success with these the past two times that doing it a third time is a no brainer! It will help me to reach my weight goal and my goal of optimal health. And I just feel a hundred times better when I’m eating whole, unprocessed foods. Life is busy, especially when running your own business! (If you live in SW Washington/Portland OR area, check us out – PC Rescue Wiz). So, we need to be at the top of our game and eating whole, natural and unprocessed foods helps us do that.

Lately, a lot of my friends and family and blogging friends have started their first (or second) Whole30 and are a week or few weeks in and seeing amazing results. What I love about the Whole30 is that it’s not a gimmick, it doesn’t contain or promote any diet supplements, drinks or pills. All you need to do is eat tons of fresh veggies, fruits, some nuts, seeds and protein! It’s so simple to do and it’s free. All you pay for is your groceries which you already need to buy anyways.

If anyone is interested in trying it out or just wants more info, their website is a great resource. They have forums, blogs and tons of tips. I have gone on there quite a bit for info and have always found what I was looking for. They also provide you with a shopping list of all the foods approved on the Whole30.


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