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Whole30 FAIL – 3rd Time is NOT a Charm!


This is how I feel

I started my 3rd whole30 on May 2nd and I think I stuck to it that first day and that’s about it. I thought for sure it would be super easy this time since I’ve done it a couple times before, but this time I’m really struggling and I just don’t feel motivated. These past few weeks have been really hard, a lot has happened and I was under a tremendous amount of stress. Now that things seem to be leveling out a little, I still just can’t seem to get into it. I want to do it but it’s just not working out.

I need help and motivation!!!


7 thoughts on “Whole30 FAIL – 3rd Time is NOT a Charm!

  1. Don’t beat yourself up, you are trying and that’s all that matters. We all fall of track once in a while. It sounds like you eat healthy most of the time! Plus, stress is no good – it sends lots of yucky chemicals throughout your body. Eat what feels right, and don’t let your food habits add to your stress. 🙂 Hope things DO level out soon!


  2. It just must not be the right time for a Whole30 for YOU. Just let the sense of defeat go. When you are ready you will feel invigorated by the idea and it will be much easier. Sending a hug…


  3. Hey, I know what this is like. My problem since last Wednesday is the times I’ve had to eat out or eat at other peoples’ places, and some extreme stress in my life (gee, are we somewhat in the same boat there!?). I do as well as I can but when the menu was enchiladas or a casserole when eating away from home…it’s been hard. But I got more motivated last Saturday when I went to a Survivor’s Brunch for Relay for Life with a friend who is now cancer free. The speaker is battling cancer but winning. She talked of many things, but a main focus was her diet for the last 3 years…and she described the Whole30 perfectly! Not by name, but what she described is the Whole30 way of eating. She talked of the oils to use, the additives to avoid, no lactose or gluten if possible, lots of fruits and veggies and other healthy proteins except for RED meat…stay away from it except occasionally and never barbequed. No processed artificial foods. It made me realize why I am feeling so good and the arthritis in my hands is so much better after about 45 days of Whole30 eating. I will make mistakes and get un-motivated but let’s start over again…do the best you can and even with slip ups you will still be eating pretty darn healthily! 🙂


    1. Thank you for commenting Aunt Sherry! We are definitely in the same boat, makes me feel better for sure!

      That is truly an inspiring story! There is an older gentleman who is a regular at work who is also battling cancer and instead of treating it with radiation or chemo, he is going the all natural route, he has cut out all sugars, dairy, processed foods, etc… He eats tons of fresh fruits, veggies and lean proteins. So like you said, basically Whole30. And the amazing thing is that his cancer has gotten better! He doesn’t take any kind of supplements or any medications. He said he gets all the nutrients he needs from the food he eats. It’s amazing!!!

      Okay, let’s start again and I’ll try not to beat myself up this time. Love you!


  4. You’re not alone; I threw in the towel on Day 5. Since I’ve been stopping and starting for a few months now, I think I’m going to take a little break until I’m in a better place, mentally. It happens, and there’s plenty of things we can do for our health besides an eating plan – avoid soda, flossing, doing 100 push-ups … or just let go of everything and enjoy life for a bit!


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