Whole30 Update and I Need Help!

I was supposed to start my third whole30 the beginning of May, well that didn’t happen! I’ve started and stopped and restarted twice since then. I just couldn’t get into it and I wasn’t feeling motivated. I think I’ve finally become motivated, I started again on the 13th and have been going strong since then! BUT, I’m not doing good on my food choices, I’ve been eating mostly meat and eggs and not much veggies or fruits. I am just getting sick of eating so many veggies! Asparagus, peppers, brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach, chard, collards… None of it sounds good to me, so help me out and send me some yummy recipes! I usually just roast the veggies or eat them raw so that’s probably my problem. I do occasionally make a smoothie and put a lot of greens into it and that helps sometimes but smoothies are not really encouraged on the whole30, they prefer for you to “eat” your nutrients rather than “drink” them.


7 thoughts on “Whole30 Update and I Need Help!

  1. I get in the same boat. Here’s one “dinner” or lunch I have a couple of times a week. I mix chicken pieces, apples, cashews, maybe some grapes, definitely some olives (especially green) and put in some organic, non-dairy, olive oil-based mayo from Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s. It is like a waldorf salad with a twist. It is not completely Whole30 kosher but is very close. It is delicious! Many times I put this on a bed of spinach and enjoy….

    I also try berries (blueberries are now coming down in price) with a chopped 1/2 banana with some coconut milk as a snack to accompany the salad above. Yum!


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