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Paleo Coconut Chicken Tenders (Recipe)

Even though I’ve been eating mostly paleo since the beginning of the year, I still crave certain things like crispy chicken strips. Most paleo versions of “comfort” food compare but don’t really come close to the real thing. BUT, these came real close to the real thing!


They had tons of flavor and were even a bit crispy! Some of the tenders had trouble holding onto the breading while others held onto it really well. I’m not really sure why, I made each one exactly the same. Here are the instructions!

You will need:

Chicken tenderloins or chicken breasts sliced into strips

Coconut flour

Almond flour

Unsweetened coconut flakes

2 eggs


Coconut Oil

3 bowls

Place the coconut flour in one bowl, the eggs in another, and the almond flour, coconut flakes and S&P in the last bowl. I used paper towels to get any excess moisture off my chicken before breading it. Get your frying pan preheating with the coconut oil in it. You want to hear the chicken sizzle as soon as it hits the pan, this will get the chicken crispy! First coat chicken in coconut flour, then egg, then almond/coconut mixture then fry until brown and crispy and then flip and do the same to the other side. Don’t crowd the pan, make sure there is plenty of space between the tenders. I turned my oven to warm and placed the cooked chicken tenders in the oven while I finished frying all the chicken.

They didn’t take long to cook and it all came out much better than I expected! I served mine with some super yummy dipping sauce. I use this sauce for everything – sweet potatoes, veggies, meats, it’s really good!

I mix together mayo, tomato sauce, creamy horseradish, oregano, paprika and S&P.


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