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Sweet Apple Roasted Pork Tenderloin (Recipe)


I set out to make a roasted pork tenderloin recipe I saw in a magazine and didn’t realize the recipe called for brown sugar and lots of cayenne pepper. Well, sugar is out for me and cayenne is out for my husband so that wasn’t going to work. So, instead I seasoned the pork tenderloin with cinnamon and roasted it with onions, white sweet potatoes, carrots and 100% pure, unfiltered, nothing added apple juice. Perfect combo! The apple juiced infused everything with it’s flavor and the smells coming from my kitchen were to die for!

I didn’t measure anything but here is the “rough” recipe:

I pork tenderloin (mine was around 1.5lb)

2/3 cup pure, no sugar added, unfiltered apple juice

About 1 t cinnamon

About 1 t paprika

About 1 t garlic powder

1 medium onion, thinly sliced

1 medium white sweet potato, cut into 1in chunks

About 15-20 baby carrots


Olive Oil and butter

I spread some olive oil on the bottom along with about 2 T butter

I put the pork tenderloin down first, then put the potato, onion and carrots all around it.

Then poured the apple juice over everything and sprinkled seasonings/spices over everything.

Roast at 475 for about 45 mins or until meat is thoroughly cooked.



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