Crustless Breakfast Quiche

I’ve really been craving quiche lately, like the real kind with tons of cream and a buttery crust. Of course, it’s not really part of the paleo/whole30 lifestyle that I try to follow and I’d probably end up with a tummy ache. So, I settled for one without a crust and compromised by tossing in a bit of feta and a splash of half and half and I was quite satisfied!



1 link smoked uncured pork sausage, diced into cubes (I use Open Nature brand at Safeway)

1/4 small onion, chopped

2 eggs

2 T half and half

2 T crumbled feta cheese


Preheat oven to 325 degrees.

Then brown up the sausage and diced onion in a tiny bit of oil, cook until onions begin to caramelize.

Whisk eggs and half and half together with S&P

Place sausage/onion mixture in bottom of individual size ramekin with the oil and juices and swirl around to make sure the ramekin is well coated. (I used a round 15oz CorningWare ramekin)

Pour egg mixture over sausage and sprinkle feta over top

Bake until golden brown and set in the middle. I’m sorry, I didn’t time this, I just kept an eye on it as I was in the kitchen doing other things.

It was SO good! I think I’m going to make another one tomorrow but with spicy sausage!



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