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Chocolate Chili (Paleo, Whole30)

This is the perfect recipe for a cold, rainy, windy day. A day like today. I’m not usually a big fan of chili because I’m not a big fan of beans. And chili without beans, seems like just meat and sauce and it feels strange to eat a bowl of meat and sauce.

Except for this chili, it’s not strange at all. The cocoa gives it a warm richness and an almost smooth consistency. It’s thick but not to thick. It’s perfect.


Hubby and I are doing a sorta whole30 and I only say sorta cause it lasts until Christmas. Not quite 30 days, but all the other rules are the same. My eating the last week or two has not been paleo and I’ve been feeling the effects big time! I’ve been having stomachaches and headaches daily, sleeping terribly, having really strange dreams, and developed a case of eczema on my right leg. And I know without a doubt all of these are caused from going off paleo. I’ve just had a general feeling of “not good.”

Towards the end of day 1, I am already starting to feel better!

And there is no better way to end the day then with a bowl of comforting, warm chili!

The chili is from The Clothes Make The Girl from her book Well Fed. The chili was easy to make and the leftovers will be even better I’m sure!

Chocolate Chili

I followed the recipe exactly – just didn’t add allspice because I really don’t like allspice.


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