Tomato and Onion Frittata (Paleo, Whole30)

Our favorite breakfast is this simple onion and tomato frittata, the onions become sweet and the tomato flavor is present throughout. It reminds me of something you might have in the summer, but we eat this pretty much everyday!

We always have it with some bacon or sausage and sometimes some greens on the side.



For the two of us, I use:

3 whole eggs, whisked

1 small roma tomato, chopped

1/4 of an onion finely chopped or sliced very thin


Olive Oil

I cook the onion in some olive oil until it begins to caramelize, then I add the chopped roma tomato and let it cook down until it becomes sweet and more red in color. This doesn’t usually take that long, maybe about 10 minutes.

Then I add the eggs and S&P and let them sit until the bottom sets up.

Then I lift one side and let the uncooked eggs run underneath, do that all around. (I hope this makes sense)!

When the top is almost set, flip the eggs over, like a giant pancake. I can usually do this without doing it in halves but that might be easier. If you try to flip it too soon, you will have a big mess! So be patient and just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. I usually have my burner set to just below medium. This will allow the eggs to set and not cook to fast on the bottom. Each stove is different, so you might have to do this a few times to get the hang of it.

When it’s done, slide it out of the pan and cut in halves or quarters and enjoy! This would also be good for lunch or dinner served with a fresh side salad.




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