I’m back!

Okay, I’ve been away for a really long time but in my defense, I had a baby! Layna (light and truth)  Ruva (flower in Shona, hubby’s native language)  was born October 30th at 3:04pm weighing 8lb 15oz, 21 in long. We’re so in love!

If you follow my Instagram (right side panel), you can see many pictures of our adorable baby!

I’m hoping to begin posting more recipes! I’m happy to see that even though I’ve been away, my blog has received many visits. (Thanks Pinterest!)

I’m not really following any specific “diet” at this time as I’m exclusively breastfeeding my daughter and shouldn’t be “restricting” my diet. I am however, trying to incorporate lots more veggies, protein and less sugar!

Chicken enchilada recipe coming up in the next couple of days!





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