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Whole30 Day 2

Today was more of a low carb day since I did have a little dairy, let’s see how it went! 🙂


Eggs with sausage, onions and brussel sprouts with coffee – big cup since baby woke up at 4:30am!

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Random veggies and some sausage, using up what’s left in the fridge and yes, there is corn which is not whole30*



A terrible picture but I had meatballs with a creamy marinara sauce* (jarred marinara with heavy cream added which is not whole30 but you could easily use coconut milk instead) and salad on the side with cheese* and ranch*. You can make a whole30 ranch easily but I was lazy and did not…


I also had a spoonful on PB* between lunch and dinner, I was SO hungry! Another good day and the bloat is going away cause I’m down two pounds! I’ve also been drinking tons of water, about a gallon a day mostly from being so thirsty breastfeeding but also trying to help my body clear out the junk.

*Just a little disclaimer: I’ve done enough whole30s to know what works for me and what doesn’t. So this time around I’m doing it a little different. I guess it’s not technically a whole30 but most of these meals/days will be strictly whole30. The number one thing that makes it difficult for me to lose weight and keeps me bloated is carbs/sugar – mainly refined. So I will definitely be avoiding those. I will be having a little dairy here and there throughout these 30 days (hopefully longer) so please DO NOT follow me as an example for whole30 if you are new to this. Definitely visit their website and get well acquainted with the guidelines! I am also breastfeeding so I will be having snacks if I’m hungry or need the extra calories.


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