What I Eat In A Day – Low Carb

I see these videos all over YouTube and I always think they are interesting and sometimes give me some good ideas of what to make whenever I get in a food rut. So, I thought it would be fun to do on my blog. I hope you enjoy!

Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream while breakfast cooks – usually it’s iced coffee but since it’s been chilly here in the mornings, I had french press this morning! I usually eat the same thing for breakfast everyday (eggs and sausage or bacon), as a mom of a 10 month old, sometimes it’s easier to just not have to think about what to eat in the morning, still trying to wake up you know! Sleeping Face on Facebook Messenger



Lunch – Today I had a spinach salad with chopped pecans, bacon, cheese, red onion and ranch with a small bowl of shredded pork with cheese and onions. A little more dairy than I usually have but I just really wanted something cheesy, it hit the spot!


Treat time – A coke zero! I know soda is not so good for you but I call this my “mommy treat” and it tastes so good!



Dinner – Always a combo of meat and veggies, tonight is baked chicken thighs (with the skin!) and brussel sprouts, onions, bacon with a little cream cheese mixed in. The cream cheese was an experiment and it didn’t really turn out how I expected, not bad but I won’t do it again.



I need to do better about getting more veggies in throughout the day, sometimes I snack on carrots or raw green beans or cucumbers but I didn’t have any today.

I didn’t plan on doing this blog post so everything I ate is pretty common, nothing was made special just for the sake of doing this post. But next time, I might put a little more thought into it!


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