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Low Carb Catch Up

I’m a little behind in posting (I’m currently on Day 10), so this day will be 3 days worth of posts all in one. Enjoy! Breakfast: Iced Coffee, eggs and sausage Lunch: Chipotle chicken salad w/ no rice or beans, chicken with some creamy tomato sauce Dinner: Rotisserie chicken with salad, pasta-less spaghetti sauce with… Continue reading Low Carb Catch Up

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Pan Seared Chicken Tenders (Recipe)

Here is my new favorite way to cook chicken, it pretty much guarantees a tender juicy chicken. I’ve always had a problem getting chicken to be moist but I’ve discovered a new way to do it and it’s never turned out bad so far! -Heat some olive oil in a nonstick skillet over medium heat… Continue reading Pan Seared Chicken Tenders (Recipe)


Whole30 Update and I Need Help!

I was supposed to start my third whole30 the beginning of May, well that didn’t happen! I’ve started and stopped and restarted twice since then. I just couldn’t get into it and I wasn’t feeling motivated. I think I’ve finally become motivated, I started again on the 13th and have been going strong since then!… Continue reading Whole30 Update and I Need Help!