Garlicky Mushroom Green Beans


One of my favorite side dishes, it goes with just about anything! So much flavor and pretty much addicting!

10 oz fresh green beans, trimmed

5 oz sliced mushrooms

1/4 red onion, thinly sliced

3 large garlic cloves, minced


1-2 T olive oil

I begin by caramelizing the onions and mushrooms in the olive oil until cooked through and beginning to brown.

Add the garlic and stir around until fragrant

Remove mushrooms, onion and garlic to a small bowl

Add green beans to pan and add a splash of water to steam the beans until tender but still with a bite. Let the water fully evaporate.

Add the other veggies back in and combine.

Add S&P to taste, then ENJOY!

Super simple, super delish!

Sweet and Creamy Chilled Coffee (Whole30)

Whoever thought you could have a sweet, creamy, smooth coffee drink while on the Whole30? Well, it’s totally possible! I whipped this up in about 5 mins. If I had coffee already brewed, this only would’ve taken 1 min. It’s SO good! Recipe after the picture… love that foaminess on top!


Everything is pretty much to taste. It depends on how sweet, creamy or strong you want it to be. I didn’t measure because I threw this together pretty quick but here are my estimates.

1.5 cups strong brewed french press coffee

1.5 cups coconut cream or about a 1/4 cup heavy cream (if you are following whole30 properly, do NOT use heavy cream)

6 pitted dates

Dash of cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla extract

1 tray of ice cubes (maybe 12?)

Put all ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth! That’s it! I poured mine over more ice and put the rest in the fridge to replace my morning coffee! I’m sure I will need to do a quick blend in the morning as the ingredients will probably separate some. But it’s so delicious!

If you are not on a Whole30 but just following a paleo diet, this would be AMAZING with some pure maple syrup in it!

June Whole30 Days 1-5

Hey guys! It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, but I’m back! Get ready for picture overload, people ALWAYS ask what I eat when I’m doing a Whole30 and the answer is a lot! So I’ve taken a lot of pictures of the things I eat. I don’t do a lot of prep, mostly I make a simple breakfast, simple lunch and dinner is where I spend most of my time. I have to be up for work at 5am everyday and the last thing I want to do that early in the morning is COOK. So I make sure my breakfasts are ready the night before. They usually consist of sausage (I make a whole bunch at once and it lasts all week), some sweet potatoes (which again are roasted all at the same time), and some fruit. With my breakfast I usually have green tea and coffee occasionally.

Lunch is usually leftover dinner, but this week I made Paleomg’s Pizza Spaghetti Pie and we had that for lunch. OMG, it’s soooooooooo good! I could probably eat it every day!

Anyways, here are all my pictures of food! (Sorry in advance for the really bad picture quality!)


Bacon wrapped dates – these are addicting! (Snack or even breakfast)


La Croix – Most delicious sparkling water


Rotisserie chicken with sweet potatoes and asparagus (dinner)IMG_20140605_203340


Pork sausage, sweet potatoes and a banana (breakfast)IMG_20140605_062848

Pan fried chicken topped with basil mayo and roasted sweet potatoes (Dinner)IMG_20140604_200031

Beef roast, brussels with bacon, sweet potato (dinner) (leftovers for lunch)IMG_20140603_194140

BBQ at a friends house – chicken, pineapple and veggies all cooked on the grillIMG_20140602_202208

Pizza Spaghetti Pie (lunch for the week)IMG_20140601_212226

Raw green beans, carrots, iced green tea and lots of water (snacks)IMG_20140527_120900

Bunless sliders with guacamole, brussels, pickles, tomatoes and cucumber (dinner or lunch)IMG_20140514_192759

Spicy smoked sausage, salad with avocado, tomato, salami and vinaigrette (dinner or lunch) IMG_20140513_195123

Roasted sweet potatoes (a staple, for anytime!)IMG_20140512_183900

Garlic Mashed Sweet Potatoes



This was the best dinner I’ve had in a long time! I had been craving garlicky mashed potatoes and this did not disappoint!

I large baked sweet potato (I used a white one, less sweet!)

2 cloves garlic, chopped


Splash milk – I used whole milk but you can use coconut milk/cream for whole30/paleo

1 -2 T butter – use grassfed butter or use olive oil for whole30/paleo

I added my sweet potato to a non-stick pan and mashed it with a fork, it mashed easily.

Add the rest of the ingredients and keep it on low heat, covered until garlic is slightly cooked.

I had mine with shredded brussels sprouts and a pork sausage on top, YUM!

Tomato and Onion Frittata (Paleo, Whole30)

Our favorite breakfast is this simple onion and tomato frittata, the onions become sweet and the tomato flavor is present throughout. It reminds me of something you might have in the summer, but we eat this pretty much everyday!

We always have it with some bacon or sausage and sometimes some greens on the side.



For the two of us, I use:

3 whole eggs, whisked

1 small roma tomato, chopped

1/4 of an onion finely chopped or sliced very thin


Olive Oil

I cook the onion in some olive oil until it begins to caramelize, then I add the chopped roma tomato and let it cook down until it becomes sweet and more red in color. This doesn’t usually take that long, maybe about 10 minutes.

Then I add the eggs and S&P and let them sit until the bottom sets up.

Then I lift one side and let the uncooked eggs run underneath, do that all around. (I hope this makes sense)!

When the top is almost set, flip the eggs over, like a giant pancake. I can usually do this without doing it in halves but that might be easier. If you try to flip it too soon, you will have a big mess! So be patient and just keep an eye on it so it doesn’t burn. I usually have my burner set to just below medium. This will allow the eggs to set and not cook to fast on the bottom. Each stove is different, so you might have to do this a few times to get the hang of it.

When it’s done, slide it out of the pan and cut in halves or quarters and enjoy! This would also be good for lunch or dinner served with a fresh side salad.



Dinner Brought To You (Mostly) By Winco!

This is what happens when I don’t want to cook. I go to the grocery store and get a Rotisserie Chicken (Garlic & Pepper) and some frozen potatoes. These ones are the Alexia Waffle Cut Fries and they are so good!

Basically all I had to do was turn on the oven, cook some Kale and onions and we were good to go! I like to buy the Organic Tuscan Kale from Trader Joe’s, it’s so good and not bitter at all.



A Non Food Post – Product Review!

I recently received my first ever Jolly VoxBox from Influenster and I loved it, so fun!!! Go on over and check them out and then join for your chance to earn free things. I will admit that you have to be VERY active on their website in order to qualify for free things. But if you blog and/or are very involved in social media, then it won’t be difficult for you.

Here is what I got in my first VoxBox:


  • A full size box of Skinny Cow Candy
  • A full size Rimmel London Show Off Lip Lacquer
  • A full size NYC New York Color HD Color Trio Eye Shadow
  • A Ducklings Mini Rolls (duct tape)
  • Puffs

It was so exciting getting it in the mail and opening it up to see what kinds of goodies were inside! I loved everything, the only downside was that you don’t get to choose the colors of the makeup. The eyeshadow is fine but the Lip Lacquer is not my color at all! I wish it was though because I loved everything else about it!!

My favorite thing in the box was the chocolate, of course! I love chocolate and you can never go wrong with that!

I hope I qualify for more of these!

*Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.